Technique Tuesdays Awkward Pose – Utkatasana

YEAH this posture is one of my very favorite and one of the postures that really really has challenged me and continues to challenge me in my practice.

In the Flame series this is the third posture and there has been some days when I have feel like as soon as I get through this asana the rest of my practice is cake.  This posture works your lower half and gets into the emotional cellular memories trapped in the thighs especially.  For myself and many of our Divine in 9 community we have stored a lot of drama in our lower half which keeps us from truly feeling in control and grounded in our lives.

Is this resonating with you?

Well Utkatasana will help release these old cellular energy patterns all while increasing your confidence in the same moment.  Mastering this asana will empower you from the ground up allowing you to stand firm in your life on all levels.


Enjoy Utkatasana – it is a little awkward have fun with it.

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