In April HUGS moved to BLOG TALK and USC Productions – soon we will be on TV.  This all is quite amazing and beautiful.  With these changes I felt led to move HUGS to it’s own web address for replay’s.  You can also join the HUGS community and get announcements and many more gifts from as well as from some of the HUGS Talk experts we have on the show each week.

April a month in review – to be seen and heard at




  HUGS talk –  Listen right now –  Stepping into Your Divinity – 




   HUGS talk – Listen right now – 7 Power Words To Your Success







 HUGS talk – Listen right now – Go Live and Trust Yourself





A personal Note –


Thank you so much for listening and commenting and sharing these HUGS.  Over the past 2 years it has been amazing speaking and hearing from to so many gifted and incredible people.  It is my (Antiqua’s) mission to shine a light into you heart and show you just how amazing and perfectly made you truly are.  At times we all go through challenges and feel kicked around by life.  This is part of our human walk and believe me I get it. Yet, I am here because I want you to know, that you don’t have to stay down and play dead.  You don’t have to pull yourself up and do it all alone.  You are part of a team, and we pick each other up – lead each other a hand and leave no man or woman behind. 

Today in our world many many shifts are taking place.  Our personal relationship with Father God is being talked about more today than ever before.  The power that resides in our minds and moved worlds through our thoughts is understood more today than ever before.  We have moved through the information age and now we are harnessing our God given strength to do His will through our hearts and minds.  The month of April was dedicated to you harnessing this power, using the principles that God has taught but we have been blind until now to see,  science is now showing us and our eyes are being opened to these Biblical truths described, now is the time to breath into your heart and focus your mind on God.  For He alone will give you all the wisdom you need to accomplish your dreams, His desires for you, which He has written on your heart. 

Trust yourself for this is truth.  Watch your words and train yourself to do what is right and just, for this will give you all the riches of the kingdom of God and love all you are, so you can BE all that God is.  

In May we will be turning the tables on health and fitness, because perfect health is your birthright. To get your guide to being the TRUE you sign in and receive our thank you gift for listening and visiting  and discover the blessings when you – Embrace YOU. 

Thanks for listening,



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