How would you feel if….

Someone you REALLY respect and admire; the kind of person you want to be more like put their arm around you and said, “Thank you for being you. I believe you can do anything you put your mind too.”

Picture them looking into your eyes, “You can do anything. I am here to support you.”

How do you feel?

Knowing that someone AWESOME thinks that you are AWESOME is amazing!

Well, guess what – YOU ARE AMAZING!!

I know you are amazing because I know that GOD does not lead people to my website or my posts who are not unique and special.

HE does lead you to me, before you KNOW you are unique and special and valuable to HIM and to our world.  

HE does lead you to me so you can gain access to your TRUE eyes and your TRUE hears, so you can see your value and worthiness.  Your worthiness to HIM and your worthiness in HIM.

You are in the right place – even if your feeling down right now, like there are a lot of things you wish where different, you are OK.  You might be yearning to fit in, to finally feel like you belong and that is OK.  I trust that you are reading this because it is time for you to take action and finally MEET the someone you respect and who believes in you, the person that has the ability to make your life better in every way.  The person who will show you how to get in shape and claim your healthy body.  The person who will cheer you on to reach for your dreams no matter what.  The person who will remind you that it is OK when you slip up and act like a ‘human’ and will pick you up.

This ‘someone’ might very well show up in your life without you hearing what I am about to share with you.  But I can’t guarantee that. 

However, I can guarantee that they will when that someone is YOU.  Believing in yourself is a practice and a skill you CAN develop, and when you believe in yourself (truly, authentically, effortlessly) other confident, successful people believe in you too.  They magnetically are drawn to you. 

I have 3 tips for you to start tapping into your confidence today and a way for you to discover your Divine Blueprint and have the key to creating unconditional confidence for the rest of your life.  I am talking about the kind of confidence that is unshakable. 

#1)  Tap into your strengths. Begin by making a list of all the things about YOURSELF that you are grateful for and everything you naturally exceed at. Or things that you naturally exceeded at during your educational years.

#2) Choose to raise your vibration. This begins in your mind you own ability to be aware and in control of your thoughts.  This takes practice and I have a very simple system to support you in this very powerful training (The Joy Club) but you can being this practice today.  First practice awareness, to shift any negative self talk first you have to be aware that it is there.  If you have been feeling like you need to be more, have more or are not enough for a LONG time, your thoughts are subconscious and automatic which means you will have to develop your awareness of them to be able to change them into positive self talk.

#3)  Celebrate yourself.  This one was a big one for me the first time I began to brag about my small and large accomplishments a lot of guilt came up.  I thought I was bragging “I’m better than you…” but I was not and nor will you be.  Celebrating yourself and your God given gifts is a way of building your confidence and your faith, sharing this with others is a way of retraining your mind to love yourself and feel good about who you are.  Also, when you know that you will review your day looking for things to LOOK back on and celebrate it helps you live in alignment with your morals and values which boosts your confidence even more. 

Develop your inner confidence and let’s go deep together – leaving your self-esteem unshakable like a deep routed oak tree that can withstand any storm. Because life has storms. The Next LIVE club meeting is Thursday June 20th. Join today!

Here is a video I found on YouTube today that highlights your true worth.  The value and worth that we here at Divinely You wish you to KNOW and stand firm in your worth.