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Diaries of Expression – Breakthrough

Sometimes I just feel stuck, like I have done everything in my power to get the results I seek yet the results simply don’t happen.

Have you felt this way before?

I know that I get the chance to meet most of you personally through the free breakthrough meetings I offer to new members each week.  These simple and sweet hours are as rewarding for you as they are for me and in every one of them a breakthrough is desired.


Confession time – 

My own desire for serious breakthroughs in everything from my own body, marriage and business are always a work in progress and most weeks I catch myself in a short little funk feeling a little sorry for myself.  This practice takes me out of that funk and back to reality.

I know allowing myself to stay in victim mode even if I am feeling like a righteous martyr in the whole thing is not a empowering state of mind.  By allowing myself to feel the angst and frustration for a moment and then move that energy out of my body and mind with this practice, always clears the air for new possibilities to show up in all areas of my life.

This weeks song is by Britt Nicole and it called BREAKTHROUGH!! 

Clear the dance floor and move your body it’s time to have a breakthrough.