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“One day a man walked down the street with a bag of groceries in one hand and a book in the other. Suddenly, his phone rang. He had been expecting a very important phone call and felt a wave of frustration as he struggled to get his phone out of his pocket without dropping his food or book onto the pavement. When he answered the phone his tone of voice reflected his frustration and overwhelm, albeit unconscious, and the caller quickly told him he would call him back at another time. 

The man had been impatiently waiting for that call because he had been out of work for months, and that was his future new boss on the line. Now, he would have to wait for him to call back to find out whether or not he had gotten the job he’d recently interviewed for. As his stress built and he approached the bus stop to catch a ride home, he began to look at the situation he was in with disgust. 

While waiting for the bus, he noticed a young mother, managing her three children on her own, each child less than four years of age. She had one child on her hip while one held her elbow. The oldest child grasped tightly onto the grocery bag she was carrying in her other hand. As the bus came to a stop to pick them up, she had to let the oldest child lead. She turned sideways to fit through with the bags, the baby and help her two-year-old walk up the stairs all by herself.

As the man watched her struggle to get into the bus, he thought to himself, Well, at least I don’t have kids to manage. He got onto the bus in a huff—feeling ashamed and hopeless because he didn’t have a car. He took his seat and continued to watch the young mother. What he observed next changed his life.

Once in the bus, she quickly guided the children to their seats and breathed a sigh of relief as they all sat down safely. Feeling the pause and freedom these bus rides gave her and her children as they sat together, as well as the safety and security of being sheltered from the weather, she pulled out a book and began to read a story to them. For the entire ride they cuddled and read, smiling and laughing together. And when she got off the bus, he heard her thank the bus driver, “Thanks Sam. That was the best ride ever. I sure needed that break and some cuddle time. See you tomorrow.” As they got out of the bus and continued down the sidewalk, the man pondered, How can she be so happy? 

How do you think this experience could increase the protagonist’s happiness?

There are a few ways, which I will share with you throughout my eBook, How to Capture Love and Transform Your Life. I personally have seen each of them bring relief, ease, and more joy to hundreds of lives, and I guarantee they will add to your joy as well. Two of the most significant are perspective and possibility. As you will learn, with a change of perspective and the belief in possibility, happiness is available to all of us.”

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