A full life is about being fully expressed

Dearest Diary,

I am a bit scared today because I am facing my fear head on.  I no longer am ruled or stopped by fear which is why I have to soar today.  I know you have my back and will be carrying me as I practice being me, fully expressing and trusting myself to be guided by the Holy Spirit.  I have only partly shared this piece of my own expression in class and in service.  I feel a bit timid to be so bold but I know without a doubt that this is what God is asking of me.  So I am embracing this challenge and stepping into this transition.

To be fully expressed head to soul and fully knowing that God is my Father and I God’s daughter – I am willing to be me.

Here is my diary of expression for today –

Leave a comment below – maybe a song request you want me to Wave with you on.