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What you can expect to experience through our programs.

Antiqua is the best and most experienced yoga teachers in Alaska.  After taking her classes every yoga class no matter who is teaching is better.  The 9 week course (Divine in 9) was a great experience and the perfect way to bring in the next decade of my life. Thanks Antiqua.

 I gained physical, emotional, psychological, and most importantly, SPIRITUAL strength. I learned yoga poses that strengthened my body. I also studied and practiced techniques that have brought me peace. These techniques will carry me through difficult life stages now and in the future. 

– Mary K ~ Alaska

Before starting Divine in 9 I had taken yoga from Antiqua for a few years, she is the best.  In this course I gained strength and did postures I never would have thought I could do.  This course gave me strength not only in class but more importantly at home as well.  Divine in 9 helped me find the strength I needed to take my life back, I would recommend it to you if you want to gain strength and confidence in all areas of your life.

– Jenna ~ Alaska

Antiqua is the strongest person I know…and I have known her for almost 20 years! Her life experiences can and have helped many others. She has so much to give!

– Alpha ~ CO.

I have personally watched Antiqua go from victim to victory, a beautiful transformation. Antiqua is a supportive, loving, focused teacher. All my best to those who are lucky enough to work with her to claim their own victory/transformation.

– Nonie ~ Indiana

Bridging “family secrets and family truth” heals the FAMILY. Antiqua is courageous to move from status quo to vital interactions in living and being. She brings it together and helps us feel real………and realize our power.

– Anna ~ Alaska

Antiqua has a healing energy that you feel upon the first time you talk or meet her. She values your feelings and works hard to help you heal without telling you exactly what you have to do. She uses her life experiences to help others.

– Carol ~ Alaska

About 5 years ago she made me feel confident that I could teach yoga at her studio, something I wasn’t sure I could ever do. I’m still not a yoga teacher, but I am now an acupuncturist and she is still helping me find the confidence I need in myselfto help others. She is smart, friendly, and supportive. I would recommend her to any woman who is interested in growing as a person and finding more happiness in life.

– Annette ~ Alaska

Antiqua is a inspiration and a Rock Star when it comes to empowering women. I love her and would recommend her services to anyone who is READY for change…. Its all uphill from here. Thank you for being you Antiqua 

– Heather ~ Canada

I met Antiqua in 2005 at Twist Yoga in Wasilla Alaska for my first yoga session. She was also the owner of Twist Yoga. She was a great teacher and taught me a lot about self confidence and she encouraged me to do things out of my “comfort zone

– T ~ Arizona

Ever since first meeting Antiqua, I’ve felt the authenticity of her Love and felt like I could safely open up to her. I could tell she truly cared and that when she read for me, her self wouldn’t get in the way and I would be receiving guidance from her Self (notice the capital S). 

The guidance I received from her during my reading was totally true to my situation and provided practical wisdom I could begin applying right away to transform my life. Over the next two weeks following the initial reading, I applied the guidance and realized some amazing shifts in a short amount of time.

– Rahul ~ East Coast

“Antiqua is a powerhouse with God’s blessing surrounding her, she is here to heal the world? To be one of her private clients is a true blessing.” 

– Dr. Dee ~ Georgia